Menu Plan April 28-May 2

I’ve joked that because we eat so many things from scratch (due to cooking without wheat and corn) that we are practically Paleo. (I don’t actually know all the tenets of Paleo dining, just that they don’t like processed foods.) So I thought I’d link up my meal plan in Musing of a Housewife‘s new Real Food Recipe Round Up, co-hosted by Sassy Moms in the City.

I only plan meals for Monday through Friday. I know I should plan ahead for weekends (because I don’t, we are left scrambling at the last minute) but coming up with 5 meals nearly kills me, so that’s where I stop. This Friday, Leo has a concert at 6:30 pm so I didn’t even plan a meal for that night. We will probably have a big snack around 5:00 and eat again after the concert? Who knows!


meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and gravy


I will throw chicken, veggies, and some sort of wheat-free, corn-free Asian/teriyaki-type sauce in the crockpot and serve with rice


lasagna (I buy Tinkyada GF lasagna noodles at Albertson’s)


shredded beef burritos

I’m linking up at Sassy Moms in the City



I have toyed with the idea of starting a blog before and it hasn’t taken off, but spurred by a conversation with a friend about healthy hobbies, I thought I’d give it a go. I am an avid blog reader, so I think this will be lots of fun! I don’t plan to write anything too embarrassing, so my friends and family can read along. But I’ll stay anonymous so I can have the whole blogosphere visit. I’ll use our first names and not publish photos of our faces. 😉

If you are visiting for the first time, Hello and Welcome! I’m Shannon and I’m a Stay At Home Mom. I have been married to Walter for 15 years. We have two kids: Leo is almost nine (gasp!) and Tess is five-and-a-half. 

Special thanks to my dear friend, Karen, for starting me thinking about hobbies, for encouraging me in this idea, and for helping me choose the name of this blog. You rock!

{Hitting publish. Wish me luck!}