Four Thumbs Up–Gravity

4 thumbs 2

Heehee, I created this little graphic (first time using PicMonkey, very cool) for when I want to recommend something.


image from

Four thumbs up for the movie Gravity. (Although the thumbs in the graphic belong to my kids, Walter and I are the ones recommending this movie.)  We found it very engaging and unlike anything we’ve seen before.  Sure, it’s in the genre of “Now what do we do?” films, but floating in space was a new problem to solve.  It was short at barely an hour and a half (which was a good call) and Sandra Bullock did a great job, as usual. (Disclaimer: I’m a big SB fan. If you dislike her, you may want to skip the movie because she is in every frame.)  Really well done, beautiful to watch, amazing effects, engaging story.  Check it out!

If you’ve seen it, tell me in the comments what you thought of it!


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