What I’m excited about right now


Alison at Get Your Pretty On is doing a summer wardrobe challenge. You get a summer shopping list, 3 weeks of daily outfit ideas, and a Facebook group to share photos and encourage others.  Summers here in Phoenix are Loooong–like 6 months long (although our April and May were surprisingly mild this year)–so I get bored of my clothes super fast. Therefore, I’m excited to sign up and get the shopping list and outfit ideas.  I’m hoping the shopping list aligns with things I own and things I’ve wanted to acquire anyway (like a maxi skirt or dress) and that it will work for our triple digit heat. I’m not sure I’ll post outfits here (embarrassing) but who knows! Anyway, I’m excited to get some wardrobe help for the long hot season ahead!

If this sounds like fun for you, it costs $20. You have to sign up by June 5th and the shopping list comes out June 6th (can’t wait!), then outfit emails start June 15th.  Details are over here.  If I sound like an advertisement, I can assure you I’m not getting paid. 😉 Alison doesn’t know I exist, this is just something I stumbled on and got excited about–and wanted to share!

Sound fun or think I’m crazy? Let me know in the comments!


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