2014 Favorites

I feel like as the year closes I want to share some favorite books and movies and tv shows from the last year–but I don’t feel like doing all the bloggy things like linking to amazon and adding pictures–so we’ll see how this goes.


I didn’t read enough books in 2014. šŸ˜¦ The list I kept says I read 11 books but I think I stopped keeping track. (In 2013, I read 23 books; in 2012, I read 17.) Ā I got bogged down in non-fiction parenting books but I’ve had enough of that. I’m eager to get back to fiction reading in 2015!

Looking at my list, I read a lot of okay books, books I could’t put down but then didn’t stay with me. Or in the case of Gone Girl, I couldn’t put it down but hated it by the end.

So the winners for 2014 are:

Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman. Ā If I hadĀ to choose between the movie and the book, I’d choose theĀ movie. But both stand nicely on their own, the book was very enjoyable to read, and I loved to compare and contrast the two.

Pitch Perfect by Mickey Rapkin. This book isn’t for everyone but if you love a cappella, Glee and the movie Pitch Perfect, and/or you went to Tufts in the ’90s, I recommend it.


I can’t remember what all we watched this year. I can tell you that we recently watched Guardians of the Galaxy and all 4 of us loved it. Ā We will be buying it and watching it a lot.

The other day, Walter and I watched Seeking a Friend for the End of the World–I loved it (I think Walter liked it too) and it stayed with me.


If you are looking for new shows to stream, and you have access to HBO, we are big fans of both The Leftovers and True Detective season 1. Each series containsĀ sex and nudity (boo!) but in both cases I recommend them anyway.

We continue to watch The Walking Dead, we are catching up on old Top Chef seasons on Hulu, and looking forward to Downton Abbey‘s return in January. I’ve been watching the new CBS series Madam Secretary and really like it (as of the 4th episode or whatever because I am behind).


If you received a “favorites” gift from me this year then you know my new favorite thing is decorative tape–washi tape, scotch tape, duct tape. I have more tape than ideas to use them–but it’sĀ become a fun hobby/collection.

I’d love to hear about your favorites–leave them in the comments!


2 responses to “2014 Favorites

  1. Hi Shannon! These two books were published in 2014 and were interesting: Quiet and The Power of Habit. Saw The Hobbit yesterday at the movies which was really good as well. Happy New Year! šŸ™‚

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