Stuff I Like– September 2015

So this day is off to a lousy start. The kids are home sick from school (Leo has nasty cold symptoms, Tess has a fever and nausea) and I am missing a doctor’s appointment which is now rescheduled for November(!) so no fun all around. But we are lounging around and will just have to make the best of it. In that vein, I thought I’d sit down and try to write a post that has been in my head for a while–things that have been working for me lately.

Parchment Baking Sheets


My laziness is well known and here is a fun shortcut I discovered and now can’t live without–individual sheets of parchment. They fit perfectly into cookie sheets without needing to be trimmed. Lazy perfection–love love love!

Pumpkin Cereal


I saw these at Sprouts the other day on their new seasonal pumpkin display and they are wheat-free and corn-free so I bought them.  And both kids love them! I will have to stock up before they disappear.

My crossbody bag


I have a great purse (not pictured) that I love but it is huge, which is great cuz it carries all my crap and I can even throw in both tablets for doctor’s offices–but sometimes I just want to run into Walmart with my wallet, phone and keys and that is why I love this little fabric purse I got at Target. It has three pockets–the front is perfect for my phone; the second is narrow for papers and a pen (this was great at Disney for holding our passes and tickets); third is just big enough for wallet and keys, or wallet and sunglasses while at Disney. I could write an entire post about wearing a crossbody bag at theme parks, the beach, and during birthday parties. Anyway, I carry the small purse in the larger purse and pull it out when the need arises. Love!

My new homework habit

Going into this school year after a super lazy summer, I knew I had to be mindful about starting new habits to manage time. One thing that I tried and has been working is starting homework at 4:00 each afternoon. (We get home from school about 3:20.) In years past, I would figure out how much homework Leo had that night and we’d procrastinate until there was just enough time to do the assignments–you can imagine how well that worked and how frustrating it was to realize midstream that oops, we forgot social studies! Let me tell you, the Fourth Grade workload is Harsh! There are days we start at 4:00 and are scrambling to finish at dinner time (6:30)! But most days with this system we are able to take breaks between subjects and get it all done.

I had first envisioned a schedule of 4-5 = homework, 5-6 = showers, 6-6:30 = I cook dinner. However, between abundant homework and meals that take longer than 30 minutes to throw together, shower nights had me scrambling. So now on shower nights (the kids take showers every other night), we start the showers at 4:00, then move downstairs for homework where I can supervise and cook at the same time. That typically works pretty well. Of course now we have soccer practice one or two nights a week and that throws a major wrench–no, I don’t have that one all figured out yet, stay tuned (and send prayers!). 😉

What’s been working for you lately?


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