How We Do: Enchiladas

For years, I made enchiladas using Macayo’s enchilada sauce. It was basically the only sauce I ever liked.  I don’t generally like enchiladas and yet I love this sauce. But at some point we wanted to see if we could get Leo to like enchiladas and Macayo’s has wheat as an ingredient. (Boo!)  We tried a bunch of safe enchilada sauces (no wheat, no corn) but we were never successful at finding one we all liked.  For a brief time, we found one Leo liked and I would make his enchiladas separately and then use Macayo’s for the rest of us, but he didn’t like being different (which I totally understand). Also, he didn’t like the ground beef so his would be made with just cheese.   (Tess used to like hers with beef but has now stitched to cheese. Never a dull moment.)

Finally, I found a safe sauce we all like:


Finally, I decided to try to put all our enchiladas in the same pan. Here is what our enchiladas look like these days:


On the left are Leo’s cheese enchiladas in rice tortillas. In the center are Tess’ cheese enchiladas in corn tortillas. The pile on the right are the beef enchiladas in corn tortillas that Walter and I eat.

Last night Leo decided he likes the beef (great news!), so next time I will make that change for him. 🙂

The Frontera sauce is a different consistency from the Macayo’s (by the way, I use two pouches of Frontera to cover all our tortillas) so it’s taken me a few tries to figure out how to use them. Basically I find it easier to fold the tortillas in half rather than try to fold them in thirds. As you can see, it’s kind of any ugly mess, but very delicious!

If you don’t know how to make enchiladas (or want to know “how we do it”), I heat the sauce in a medium pan on about medium heat, then one at a time put the tortilla in sauce to warm it, then remove the tortilla to the baking dish (currently using 9×13), stuff if with either meat or cheese, then fold and repeat.  After each layer, add some extra sauce and some cheese.  Cook according to the sauce directions.  (Leo’s rice tortillas are so big I cut them in half for this recipe.)  For the meat, I just brown ground beef and season with black pepper, garlic powder, chili powder, cayenne pepper and red pepper flakes. I like that I can brown the meat earlier in the day, then getting the enchiladas ready for the oven only takes 15-20 minutes.



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I had a double oven.  My poor tater tots get thrown in the oven at whatever temperature my main dish is cooking at–with less than stellar results. 😉



Leo’s 9th Birthday.  He named it “the three days of chaos” because we had his party on Saturday and his real birthday on Monday and opened presents sporadically in between.  We all had a lot of fun celebrating. I can’t believe my first-born is 9!!!



Well I told you how I’d be participating in the summer wardrobe challenge with Get Your Pretty On–it’s lots of fun interacting in the Facebook group and super easy getting dressed in the mornings.  I accidentally posted this outfit selfie on my regular Facebook page instead of the group’s private page, then deleted it when I saw my error. But since that cat is out of the bag, I’ll go ahead and post it here.  The top is DKNY that I found at Ross, the shorts are Gloria Vanderbilt from Bealls Outlet.  Shoes are fake-Toms from Kmart. Necklace was a gift. This is one of my favorite outfits from the challenge so far.


Safe s’mores! Someone on the Eosinophilic Facebook page said they had found corn-free marshmallows at Whole Foods so I had to try our local store.  Success! But they didn’t have wheat-free graham crackers, so then I went to Sprouts and found some.  Hershey bars from Target and we were ready to go! Leo loved them, Tess not so much. I had one and can tell you they are as good as the traditional!



Fun things to do this 4th of July weekend.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to a mellow 3-day weekend, but I think I’ll search pinterest for some fun ways to holiday-it-up.

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Adventures of Allergy Mom: Grocery Shopping Edition

Leo has Eosinophilic Esophagitis which, long story short, means when he eats certain foods, his white blood cells attack the food and his esophagus causing inflammation and bleeding. Therefore he avoids the following foods: wheat, corn, peaches, pineapple, and peanuts.  When I do something heroic in catering to his needs, I will call it Adventures of Allergy Mom. 😉

Monday mornings, I plan my meals for the week, make my grocery list and head to Walmart. I hate Walmart’s business practices but I still shop there because their prices are the lowest and with the cost of allergen-free products so insanely high, I have to save on our regular food. So I planned my meals this morning (though I only came up with three, with thursday and friday up in the air) and headed to Walmart for the bulk of our food items.

After I went home and unloaded the cold stuff, I headed to Sprouts in need of Leo’s wheat-free, c0rn-free tortillas, bread and spaghetti.  I got the tortillas and spaghetti (even found some WF/CF gnocchi!), but they were out of his bread.

Then I went across the street to Target because they have shredded cheddar that doesn’t contain corn starch (thank you, Market Pantry for using potato starch instead).

And then because I still needed Leo’s bread, I continued on to Safeway to cross that off my list.

It’s normal for me to visit these 4 stores over the course of the week (and sometimes others too–Albertsons carries our safe lasagna noodles, the Sprouts in Scottsdale has the safe flour blend I like), it just was a perfect storm that made me visit them all today. Oy!

And that is how Allergy Mom puts food on the table.